(Game) Uru Avanteur A Time Stop RPG (English)

(Game) Uru Avanteur A Time Stop RPG (English)

Five years ago…
Monsters gained the power to warp the 4th dimension. They became invincible.
Humankind surrendered, ending the long war between monsters and humans.
Thus, the humans became slaves.
Today, in a small town…
Meryl was a swordfighter. She has just learned her young sister was enslaved.
After five years of tyranny, she finally stands up to the the monsters that rule her world.
Her enemy causes pleasure in a frozen instant that explodes when time resumes.
Meryl cries in sudden ecstasy…
Meryl orgasms publicly with a wet gush…
Fielding waves of pleasure 1000x stronger than normal, can Meryl really save the world?
She must try !

Release: Nov/03/2015
Company: Nagiyahonpo
Language: English
Size: 345,0MB
Addtional Tags: jRPG, Fantasy, Time Stop

(Game) Magical Girl Yuni Defeat! (English)

(Game) Magical Girl Yuni Defeat! (English)

A Mouse Controlled Fighting Action Game.
Control Magical Girl Yuni and fight against the Incubus who threaten humanity.
When Yuni receives erotic attacks from the enemy, her magical powers
will be depleted and her magic costume will gradually turn lewder and lewder…
Whether she will b Victorious, or Defeated, is entirely up to the player.
Our heroine, Yuni Shirakawa was an ordinary first year student.
That was until, she one day ended up with the powers of magic.
Now able to transform into magical girl Yuni she will stand up
and fight against the forces of evil to protect the peace of humanity!

The setting is her academy, after it has been invaded by incubus!
All the female students have lost rationality, slaves to pleasure and lust.
Yuni must defeat the incubus boss if she is to save her classmates but…
Can she really defeat such a tough opponent…?

Release: Oct 6 2017​
Company: C-Laboratory
Language: English / Japanese
Size: 211,0MB

(Game) Cinderella Escape! R18 (English)

(Game) Cinderella Escape! R18 (English, Uncensored)

Once upon a time, there was an unlucky girl named Cinderella.
She’s beautiful and kind.
However, her stepmother didn’t like her one little bit and treated her as a slave.
One day a letter of invitation was arrived.
Telling that a ball was to be held at the palace and the Prince would choose a girl to become his wife.
She made every effort to get rid of all troubles to go to the ball.
Unfortunately, it happened that she saw the King was murdered by the Prince.
The Prince claimed that Cinderella killed the King and try to framed her up.
Finally, Cinderella was arrested and locked in the dungeon…
Cinderella needs your help!
Can she escape from the dungeon?
Company: Hajime Doujin Circle
Language: English
Size: 476,3MB
Sequel: Cinderella Escape 2 Revenge (English)

(Game) You’d Fight For Me, Lose For Me, Get X’d For Me!? Ver 1.05 (English)

(Game) You’d Fight For Me, Lose For Me, Get X’d For Me!? | Would you like to fight for me (English)

The RPG where you devote everything to… sabotaging your allies!?
His beloved female knight was taken hostage and utterly ravished.
Seeing that broke something in the hero… awakening a cruel fetish!
Now he wants to put women in harm’s way so they’ll fight fruitlessly to protect him…
when what he really wants to see them suffer!
Sabotage your female party members in battle!
There are 11 heroines to betray in battle and reap the erotic rewards.
Can you feel the power? Can you taste their dawning realization?

Release: Feb/13/2015
Company: Golden Fever
Language: English
Size: 289,0MB

(VN) Sansha Mendan ~Rensa Suru Chijoku Choukyou no Gakuen~ (English)

(VN) Sansha Mendan ~Rensa Suru Chijoku Choukyou no Gakuen~ Immoral Edition + 100% save + Walkthrough (English)

The protagonist Ryou Kawabata is someone who enjoys watching women his senior succumb to him. As a student, it is obvious that the targets closest to him are the female teachers.
As numerous female teachers succumb victim to his will, unexpectedly there was one who fought back- Yuuna Hagiura, and that gave Ryou some trouble.
But even as the Hakushou Academy was informed of Ryou’s misdeeds by Yuuna, the whole incident was kept behind closed doors because of the risk of ruining of the school reputation if the incident goes public………
Release: 2017-11-30
Company: Bishop / Dekiru Translations
Language: English
Size: 4,95GB

(VN) VoiceActress (English)

(VN) VoiceActress | Serifu de Kanjite! Seiyuu Doushi (English)

Seiko is an ordinary and humble student, and at home, she is an online voice actress.
Because of her father’s work, Seiko’s room also has good sound insulation equipment
In the work of voice actress, Seiko played many roles, and also many 18+ games。

Release: Nov 28, 2017
Company: Dieselmine
Language: English
Size: 575,0MB

(Game) Erotic Trap Dungeon (English)

(Game) Erotic Trap Dungeon (English)

Release: Sept. 5th 2017
Company: I can not win the girl
Language: English
Size: 514,0MB

(VN) Captive Market ~Trapped Elven Officers~ (English)

(VN) Captive Market ~Trapped Elven Officers~ 100% Save + Walkthrough (English)

All heroines are with long ears! Violations take place in a peculiar world that mixes fantasy and modern civilization. Disgrace the strong dark elf office and high elf knight by different species sex, machine sex, brainwashing using drugs, etc.!​
Release: 2012-06-19
Company: Black Lilith
Language: English
Size: 584,0MB
Addtional Tags: Molestation, Spanking, Implied Shota

(VN) Yurinate! (English)

(VN) Yurinate! (English)

“Yuri + Urination = Yurinate!”
“Yurinate!“, a story revolving around a girl who seemingly has a fetish for urinating in front of others.
Peeing girls love!
A forbidden fruit, just for you!!

(Ah, she is smiling…… right in front of me……)
The same classroom, the same recess time.

There is a girl that I’ve gotten to know better.
Her name is Yuki Nekoyanagi.
She’s such a great person with lots of friends and chats to me with such enthusiasm.

When her focus is on me. That one moment.
That is the moment I wait for. That I crave for.
The reason I don’t visit the toilet before coming to school.

Her voice, her smile, her glance,
I feel a certain thrill from deep within.
It reverberates all the way to my bladder.

Feeling ‘her’ presence… In front of my classmates.
In front of ‘her’. I stop resisting the urge to pee…

(Nekoyanagi-san…… look at me…… while I am peeing……)

Release: Jan/14/2017
Company: Natukon
Language: English (Bunker Translations)
Size: 375,0MB
Addiontal Tags: Student, Classmate, Drama/Daily Living

(Game) Hypno-Sex RPG Ver.5.4 (English)

Hypno-Sex RPG Ver.5.4 (English)

Release: 10/29/17
Company: Swallows999
Language: English
Size: 189,5MB
A peasant farmer named Anon is living on his uncle’s farm when he receives a broken artifact named the “Ring of Hypnosis”. If he can repair it, the ring has the power to control women… which of course he will abuse it for sex!

*Version 5 (Oct. 29 ’17)
7 Completed H Scenes, 5 H-CG, 4 Character Set CG

Main Update
– Added Elisa Character Set CG.
– Added Elisa “Armor Fitting” CG.
– Added new H-scene for Lady Ryder (Exhibitionism). (No CG)
– Added new H-scene in Greenhill massage parlor. (No CG)
– Added Runelia “Kissing” CG.
– You may now input your name. “Anon” is default.

Minor Update
– Lady Ryder nude Character Set CG improved.
– Main Menu background has been slightly altered.
– Runelia nude Character Set CG improved.
– Updated Elisa “Armor Fitting” scene slightly with some new dialogue.
– Small changes to various zones. (reduced size of hero’s house to reflect interior)

(Game) The Heiress (English)

(Game) The Heiress (English)

Release: 2016.12.01
Company: ONEONE1
Language: English
Size: 5761MB

Hakarare ~Apocalyse of Truth~ ver.1.104

Hakarare ~Apocalyse of Truth~ ver.1.104

Release: 2016年11月04日
Company: Daramuchi
Language: Japanese
Size: 325MB

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